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Japan Aerospace 2016 in Tokyo(16.10.31)

Japan Aerospace 2016 in Tokyo . 


Completion of the base plant for the aerospace industry cluster(15.6. 8)

The regional base factory of the Minami-Shinshu Iida Industry Center in charge of special processes was completed. Heat treatment, surface treatment, and non-destructive test facilities were introduced to this plant by Tamagawa Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the base office of Aerospace Iida moved in as well.


Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd., became a new member(15.4. 1)

As a new member of Aerospace Iida, Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd., will reinforce the cooperative order-receipt system.

Corporate system of Nagano Engineering Co., Ltd., was strengthened as a representative managing company(15.3. 1)

Akaba Seisakusho Co., Ltd., merged into Nagano Engineering Co., Ltd., to strengthen the system of the managing company.

USETECH Co Ltd acquired JISQ9100 certification.(13.11. 7)

In October 2013, USETECH Co Ltd was certified JISQ9100.

HAMASHIMA SEIKI Co Ltd acquired JISQ9100 certification.(13.11. 7)

In July 2013, HAMASHIMA SEIKI Co Ltd was certified JISQ9100.

KURODA SEIKI Co Ltd acquired JISQ9100 certification.(13.6. 5)

In May 2013, KURODA SEIKI Co LTD was certified JISQ9100.

About the ShindaiSat project GINREI.(13.4.25)

Now, we are working on production of the ShindaiSat satellite called "Ginrei" of Shinshu Univercity in Nagano prefecture of Japan.

Exhibition participated in the past(13.4.24)

*2012 Aeromart Toulouse held at Paris Le Bourget Parc des Expositions. December 5-6 in France
*MRO Asia 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. November 14-15 in Singapore
*Japan Aerospace 2012 held at Chubu Centrair International Airport and Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Port of Nagoya) . October in Japan
*2012 Berlin Air Show held at Berlin ExpoCenter Airpot. September 11-13 in Germany.
*Farnborough International AirShow 2012 held at Farnborough International Airport. July 9-13 in UK

*NBAA2011: October 10-12 in Las Vegas, USA. Booth: C11235
*MRO Asia 2010 in Singapore
*Paris international Air Show 2011 in Paris
*Asian Aerospace 2011 in Hong Kong
*NBAA 2011:Oct10-12 in Las Vegas, USA
*ASET 2011:Oct26-28 at Tokyo BigSight
*AIRTEC 2011:Oct31-Nov4 in Frankfurt, Ger.

Opened Website(10.7. 6)

100706web.jpgWebsite of Aerospace IIDA was opened in July, 2010.

Aerospace IIDA is promoting the order-receiving and production activity as a member of an aircraft industry as a working team in the Iida Aerospace Project.

Aerospace IIDA is working in order to build the new core which takes a role of an aircraft industry based on the precision-machinery-industry technology accumulated in Nagano, Iida area.



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