Aerospace IIDA - Iida Aerospace project

Products of Aerospace have already flown in the sky around the world.

In the Iida region, small and medium-sized companies cooperatively launched the Iida Aerospace Project in 2006 to conduct a profound study through over 500 working team activities and form a new, world-class industrial cluster. The Aerospace IIDA cooperative order-receipt system was created to overcome the barriers between companies based on the trusting relationship built into the project. Under the quality assurance system backed by JIS Q 9100, the project has so far received many cooperative orders.
In addition, the completion of the base plant for the aerospace industry cluster enabled machining processes and special processes (such as heat treatment, surface treatment, and non-destructive test) by establishing an intra-regional integrated manufacturing system.
Aerospace IIDA, certified as the number one special district in Asia for the formation of an aerospace industry cluster, will establish a supply chain that can respond to the expectations of customers and will strive to contribute to the development of the aircraft industry in Japan. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Japan Aerospace 2016 in Tokyo

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Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd., became a new member

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Quality Assurance System


Aerospace IIDA - Iida Aerospace project